Travelsavers and Analog Analytics Keep Travel Agencies in the Loop

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The proliferation of daily deals for Travela host of products and services has impacted travel agencies as well as travel suppliers. Customers now routinely look for deals before making any purchase decision. Additionally, with more consumers looking to book travel logistics online, travel agencies have been losing out. Travel suppliers have been reduced to operating on extremely slim margins, impacting their profits. To overcome all these challenges, TRAVELSAVERS Partner Services has tied up with San Diego-based Analog Analytics to deliver exclusive deals to over 850 online media outlets.

This tie up will ensure that travel deals are delivered via more than 50 million e-mails each day to subscribers of online newspapers and other media. This will ensure that travel agencies and suppliers have a vast base of consumers to market to. The travel deals will be more in the nature of upgrades and special offers rather than deep discounts. This will help suppliers retail profit margins, offer consumers great opportunities to experience comfortable travel, and give travel agencies a share of the profits.

TRAVELSAVERS has decided to keep travel agencies in the loop by giving them a percentage of the profits if the consumer is from their area. In addition, the contact information of the customer will be shared with the agency enabling the agency to market other travel products to the customer and develop a long-term relationship. This win-win-win model is expected to customers, travel agencies, and suppliers in the long term.

The Bigger Better Deals will be made available using technology supplied by Analog Analytics. This is not the first set of travel deals to be made available in the daily deals format made popular by Groupon and Living Social. However, this set of travel deals focuses on upgrades and value adds instead of deep discounts. It also ensures that travel agencies still have a place in the travel market. TRAVELSAVERS will be launching the program toward the end of February. While this is the first program involving TRAVELSAVERS and Analog Analytics, it will certainly not be the last. Both companies are planning to utilize the tie up to improve the market for travel services and products.

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