The ‘Netflix for planes’ offers unlimited air travel for a monthly fee

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A new company named OneGo is hoping to do for air travel what Netflix was able to do for movies: Provide an all-encompassing service for a recurring monthly fee. Primarily geared towards business travelers, OneGo offers unlimited travel within the United states via all major U.S. airlines. So in that sense, it’s essentially Netflix for airplanes.

The service truly sounds like great idea, but there are a few wrinkles you should be aware of.

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For one, the travel options are broken down across regions, which is to say if you want a national plan that gives you the freedom to travel anywhere within the United States, you’ll need to fork over $2,950 a month. Cheaper plans are available, but you’ll be limited to certain geographic regions. For instance, if you want a monthly pass across the east side of the country, that’ll cost you $2,300. Meanwhile, a pass if you’re keen on travelling out West, you’ll be slapped with a monthly fee of $1,500. And last but not least, traveling up and down the central United States will cost you $1950.

Second, not every pair of cities is covered by the service. “Not every route in the U.S. is covered by OneGo,” Mashable notes, “the [700] routes are the most popular, so if you’re looking to get to Podunk, Middle-of-Nowheresville, this service is not for you. But for travelers who frequently hop between the top 76 airports in the country, this service could quickly pay for itself.”

Other pricing tidbits to be aware of is the fact that there’s a one-time $495 account setup fee. Additionally, flight cancellations might set you back $100.

Once you’re a monthly subscriber, booking a flight is seemingly straight forward. Simply fire up the app, enter in your origin airport and destination, pick a convenient time to travel, and just like that, you’re all good to go.

While the service obviously isn’t for everyone, it does offer up a unique take on air travel that we haven’t yet seen before. If you have any questions about this nascent service, make sure to check OneGo’s website over here.

The cities supported by each respective region can be seen below.

one go airplane cities

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Spring travel just one-way for many Chinese

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For many migrant workers, however, this year’s journey home may be their final one, as slowing growth puts paid to their city dreams.

China’s factory activity skidded to a three-year low point in January, adding to gloom about the state of the world’s second-largest economy. Although growth in the service sector held above the key 50 expansionary level, the January official non-manufacturing purchasing manager’s index slowed to 53.5 from 54.4 in December.

Restaurant workers Du Lijuan and Song Yaoguo told CNBC that they would not be among the crush of travelers this week. Both are waiting in Beijing for unpaid salaries of about $1,000 each before heading back home to the countryside, after losing their at a restaurant when it ran into financial difficulties in September.

“We have no money to buy tickets, to buy gifts for our family or children,” Du said. “Normally, we spend $650 every Lunar New Year. I am not coming back [to Beijing].”

For years, migrant workers have been the backbone of China’s economic growth, by working in factories and constructing buildings, but many are considering new lives in the countryside after this Spring Festival, because they fear being unable to find jobs if they return to the cities.

The migrant population fell by 5.7 million to 247 million in 2015, its first drop in about three decades.

“It’s not easy to get a job in the restaurant industry these days,” Song said. “When I first came to Beijing ten years ago, I was excited with new hope, I thought I could do well in a big city. But now, I’m so sad and disappointed.”

– Reuters contributed to this report.

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Worried About Zika? Here’s How It Could Affect Your Travel Plans

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The Zika virus continues to spread and is drastically affecting countries throughout Central and South America, as well as Mexico. At a press conference today, the World Health Organization (WHO) declared that there is now a “public health emergency of international concern” over the clusters of microcephaly in Brazil and the suspected (although not scientifically proven) link to microcephaly and birth defects. It’s important to note that this is not a declaration for the actual Zika virus. WHO also stated that “there should be no restrictions on travel or trade with countries, areas and/or territories with Zika virus transmission.”

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The virus’s greatest potential threat is to pregnant women or women trying to become pregnant. Airlines and cruise lines are recognizing this threat. Some providers are offering refunds or waived cancelation fees for pre-booked travel. See below for a list of companies offering refunds related to Zika.

Editor’s Note: For up-to-date information, please check the CDC and WHO websites regularly, and directly contact airlines, hotels, cruise lines, and travel agents you have booked with if you are looking to rebook or get a refund or credit for pre-booked travel to the affected areas. We will update this article with more information as it becomes available.


  • Lufthansa: Offering rebooking free of charge to medically certified pregnant women and companions to affected areas through March 31 when booked before January 28, as reported to NBC News.
  • American: Offering refunds to pregnant women and companions to affected areas with note from doctor as per their website.
  • LATAM, Avianca Gol: Offering refunds or itinerary changes for pregnant women with travel booked to affected areas as reported to Reuters.
  • United: Offering refunds to all customers or option of postponing with itineraries to affected areas as per their website.
  • Delta: Issued an advisory allowing changes to destinations and dates to be made to reservations as well as refunds on case-by-case basis.
  • JetBlue: Will work with pregnant travelers who are traveling to the affected areas as reported to NBC News.
  • British Airways: Offering pregnant customers to rebook or change destination through February 29 as reported to NBC News.
  • Alaska Airlines: Offering all passengers the option of changing destination or refund to certain affected areas through February as per their website.
  • Virgin America: Offering a travel waiver to pregnant woman traveling to Mexico destinations as per their website.


  • Norwegian Cruise Line: Will work with passengers who have passed cancelation date to rebook or change itinerary as reported by; offering those who have made a final payment to take a credit.
  • Carnival Cruises, Princess Cruises, Holland America Costa and Cunard: Offering credit for pregnant woman and companions to rebook at a later time, as reported by
  • Royal Caribbean: Is handling on a case by case basis, as reported by
  • Disney Cruise Lines: Customers who are pregnant can modify their reservation as per their website.


None of the major hotel chains are yet offering refunds, but are taking precautionary measures like providing mosquito spray and educating employees on prevention. However, reservation cancelations are up according to a recent New York Times article, and hotel chains like Hilton, Hyatt, and the Four Seasons are reportedly considering waivers for cancelations.

Vacation Packagers

This is largely being dealt with on a case-by-case basis, but according to Travel Weekly, Classic Vacations and Pleasant Holidays are working with customers to reschedule, waive fees, and receive refunds. Packagers have also reported seeing increased requests for cancelations.

Travel Insurance

According to Phil Sylvester, Chief Content and Communications Manager of World Nomads, Zika is being treated just like an illness, so medical costs associated with the disease would be covered: “The standard conditions apply to pregnancy (regardless of Zika): If a pregnant woman becomes ill prior to departure, and their medical practitioner declares them medically unfit to travel, they are covered for cancelation costs. If the insured becomes pregnant after they purchased their policy (and before their trip starts) that is a valid reason to cancel. Note, none of that has anything to do specifically with Zika virus.”

If you are pregnant, Sylvester emphasizes it’s important to note that, “There’s no coverage for ‘change of mind.’ For the cancelation conditions to take effect, we need a government declaration against travel to a destination. So far the wording from State and WHO and CDC has been just short of that. They’re strongly suggesting pregnant women change their travels plans, but they’re not saying ‘don’t go.’”

Two companies offer plans with a Cancel for Any Reason (CFAR): RoamRight and Travel Insured International. These might be worth looking into if you are pregnant and need to travel to these areas.

It’s important to consult your physician if you’re pregnant or hoping to become pregnant and planning to travel to these areas. Consider travel insurance, take preventative measures, keep yourself updated, and contact any travel providers directly for their policies on the virus.

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Read the original story: Worried About Zika? Here’s How It Could Affect Your Travel Plans by Ashley Rossi, who is a regular contributor to SmarterTravel.

(Photo: da smart via flickr/CC Attribution)

Also on HuffPost:

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Exclusive: Travel insurer says sales soar on Zika fears

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NEW YORK Travel insurance sales for trips to Latin America have surged as vacationers consider scrapping their plans to avoid the rapidly spreading Zika virus, one of the top U.S. providers, RoamRight, told Reuters on Monday.

The Maryland-based company, part of insurer Arch Capital Group Ltd (ACGL.O), said revenue jumped 81 percent in January from a year ago for its “Cancel For Any Reason” policy covering trips to Zika-impacted areas in the Americas.

The rise provides an early insight into how traveler patterns are changing because of the mosquito-borne virus, even as airlines and hotel chains say it is too soon to tell whether Zika has dented bookings.

The World Health Organization on Monday called the virus, linked to thousands of birth defects in Brazil, an international health emergency that could infect as many as 4 million people in the Americas.

“We see that kind of growth when there is a terrorist attack or some other event that precipitates people thinking about protecting their travel costs,” said Linda Fallon, head of RoamRight and senior vice president of travel for the group’s Arch Insurance Company division.

RoamRight, ranked third by sales in 2015 on travel insurance comparison site Squaremouth, declined comment on how the boost would impact its profitability because it does not know how many customers will claim refunds and therefore what losses it will incur. For this reason, it also was too early to consider whether to charge customers more, Fallon added.

Parent Arch Capital does not disclose RoamRight’s total sales but reported group revenue of $932.6 million and net income of $64 million in the third quarter of 2015.


The “Cancel For Any Reason” policy, whose pricing has not changed in the past year, repays claimants 75 percent of all nonrefundable trip costs, from airfare and hotel to on-site tours and excursions, RoamRight said.

Top U.S. airlines are currently promising refunds for tickets to the region, although American Airlines Group Inc (AAL.O) has limited the offer to pregnant travelers and their companions, while other carriers have specified a deadline for invoking the offer.

Fallon said vacationers were turning to insurance, not necessarily scrapping plans altogether, because they were not yet sure how the virus would impact them or how severe outbreaks would be at the time of travel.

“People are just looking to take precaution,” she said. “This gives people the peace of mind.”

Since December 2015, RoamRight has seen a nearly 10 percent rise in orders for all its policies covering trips to the more than 20 countries and territories in the Americas impacted by the virus, it said.

Rival Tin Leg said it has not seen a significant increase in sales attributable to Zika but noted that canceling a trip because of concerns of the virus was not covered by its standard policies. It added the virus was “a major topic of questions we receive from our customers.”

InsureandGo USA, Travel Insured International, AXA Assistance USA and Trip Mate did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

(Reporting by Jeffrey Dastin in New York; Editing by Lisa Shumaker)

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Four more places added to Zika travel alert

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Tips for Business Travel in 2016

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2016-01-29-1454074766-4819392-StevenFox.pngSteven Fox is the President of Fastport Passport, which provides services to American travelers around the country. Find out more about Fastport Passport here.

In a vastly changing and growing economy, business travelers are not just the suits armed with briefcases. Bloggers, conferences, networking events and good old-fashioned face-to-face business meetings are now driving the world of business travel. Business travelers of 2016 will set the pace for growing economies in the New Year. As more companies conduct business face-to-face and more Millennials enter the workforce, business travel is expected to increase yet again this year.

Recent polls have shown that Millennials are twice as likely to seek business trips than the Baby Boomer generation. The travel industry is also growing to account for the increased demand for business travel needs. New apps hit the market every day that cater to the unique needs of business travelers, and travel programs are now offered to help expedite the boarding and security process, as well as assist travelers in avoiding flight delays. As travel requirements change and new legislation is implemented, business travelers will also need up with these emerging trends.

Here are a few tips for business travel in 2016.

Travel Programs

Travel programs are a great way for the frequent traveler to skip the lines or enjoy benefits like priority boarding. Business travelers will enjoy these benefits, too.

  • Apply for expedited traveler status. You can do so through programs like TSA Pre✓ for U.S. travel or Nexus, Sentri or Global Entry for international travel. These trusted traveler programs are vital for business travelers.
  • Focus on one or two airlines for frequent flier miles and reward programs. The more you fly with one company, the faster you will receive bigger rewards.
  • Focus on one or two hotel chains as well. Make sure you have a frequent guest account number. Business travelers are a major source of revenue for hotels, so pick one that caters to your needs. Many provide discounts on meeting rooms, shuttle services and room rates.
  • Pay attention to the U.S. Department of State travel warnings. Anytime there is a security concern within the international community, a travel alert is issued.

Packing and Airplane Tips

  • Use your flight time to relax. Don’t trick yourself into working at 35,000 feet. But if you think you’ll need Wi-Fi, check this list here.
  • Carry a spare change of clothes in your carry-on luggage. If you end up without your luggage, at least you’ll have a backup plan. Keep it light, smart and simple.
  • Be kind to everyone who is on the clock. Airline and hotel employees can often carry a lot of privileges that can trickle down to the customers. Being aggressive and rude with them will quickly put you down the list for upgrades.
  • Try to avoid airplane pillows and blankets. If they don’t come in a plastic bag, they probably haven’t been washed in a while. Pack your own silk sheet and comfy pillow.

Stay Healthy
Staying healthy on the road should be one of your top priorities. Your body will thank you if you follow these tips.

  • Wash your hands at every opportunity. This may seem like a no-brainer, but make an extra effort to keep your hands clean on the road. Keep in mind that many of the things you handle during transit may not be cleaned all that often (think: seat-back pocket, blankets, pillows).
  • Bring supplies like Emergen-C, Airborne, aspirin, and Sudafed. And please don’t touch your face, mouth, or nose with unwashed hands.
  • Reduce your risk of a blood clot. Stand up and walk around every 90 minutes or so.
  • Eat your fruits and veggies. If there was ever a time to stick to a diet, do it while on the road. Business travelers are more likely to get sick than the average person.
  • Get exercise by walking or jogging in the places you are visiting. Force yourself to be a tourist every now and then. It will also keep you clued into the local atmosphere and keep your mind sharp.
  • Always stay hydrated. Water keeps your skin looking fresh and your mind alert.
  • Protect your stomach. Business trips are not the time to experiment with unusual cuisine. You don’t want to miss an important meeting because you were stuck in the bathroom.
  • Leave the booze and grab more water. Drinking on the plane will give you a hangover before you get to your hotel. When in doubt, drink some sparkling water.

Passport Tips
As President of Fastport Passport, a passport and visa expediting company, I know that one of the most important changes for 2016 involves adding passport pages. Previously, the U.S. Department of State issued a standard passport with 28 pages (17 of which could be used for visas). As of January 1st, 2016, U.S. travelers who run out of visa pages will no longer have the option to add pages. Travelers must now apply for a passport renewal. The old passport will be returned and the new passport will be the 52-page passport book.

Passport Restrictions If You Owe the IRS
For U.S. citizens who owe more than $50,000 in unpaid taxes, the opportunity to hold a passport may be suspended, revoked or denied. This is similar to the current policy regarding child support payments. If you are in arrears on child support payments, your passport may not be issued until your child support payments are paid in full.

Passport Tips

  • Renew your passport early. The current surge in demand for passports is the highest since 2007. Routine processing takes four-to-six weeks or longer.
  • When you renew your passport, keep your old passport if you still have valid visas. You can travel with both passports if you still have valid visas in your previously expired passport.
  • Consider applying for a second duplicate passport. If you’re a frequent traveler, this allows you to have two passports so you can submit one for a visa and travel on the other passport.
  • Make sure your passport photos meet the requirements. Passport photos are the No. 1 reason passport applications are denied.

As we find ourselves well into 2016, every business traveler should stay abreast of these up and coming trends.

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Should you avoid travel to areas affected by the Zika virus?

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What is Zika?

Zika is a mostly mosquito-borne virus that shares some characteristics with the more familiar West Nile virus. It is carried by the Aedes mosquito, the same one that spreads chikungunya, which became an issue last year when it cropped up in North America. Zika is not a new illness, but is newly worrisome because it is spreading.

What are the symptoms?

Fever, rash, joint pain, conjunctivitis and sometimes muscle pain and headache, according to the Centers for Disease Control. “Less than half the people who are exposed develop symptoms,” said Dr. Glenn Hardesty, an emergency room physician at Texas Health Arlington Memorial Hospital.

Where is Zika an issue?

The Caribbean, Central America, Mexico, Puerto Rico, South America and Africa. For a complete list, visit the CDC site.

On the Spot: Advice from The Times Travel editor

Can Zika kill me?

Unlikely, the CDC said.

If it’s not fatal, why the sudden concern?

Officials in Brazil, where Zika is reported, noticed a spike in the number of children born with microcephaly, which the Mayo Clinic website defines as a “rare neurological condition in which an infant’s head is significantly smaller than the heads of other children of the same age and sex…. Children with microcephaly often have developmental issues.” The two issues appear to be linked.

Is there a vaccine or a way to prevent Zika?

No, there is no vaccine nor medication yet that will prevent Zika.

The best prevention, Hardesty said, is to avoid being bitten by mosquitoes. That means, he said, wearing long sleeves and exposing as little skin as possible, avoiding the outdoors when mosquitoes are feeding (mornings and evenings; mosquitoes avoid the heat of the day) and using repellents and perhaps clothing suffused with repellent.

What if I’m pregnant or might become pregnant?

It may be time to rethink your travel plans.

Julia Cosgrove, editor in chief of Afar magazine and mother of a toddler, thinks putting yourself at risk is not worth it. “We can control so little about pregnancy and creating children,” she said. That, she said, makes the decision easy from a safety standpoint.

Her suggestions for alternate destinations: Charleston, S.C.; Portland, Ore.; Vancouver, Canada; Tofino, Canada, known for its spectacular storm watching possibilities (it’s about 175 miles by car and ferry from Vancouver); and Scottsdale, Ariz. (six hours by car from Los Angeles and promising daytime highs in the low 70s).

I already booked my trip to a destination where Zika is an issue. Can I cancel and not suffer financial penalties?

You can always cancel, but you may suffer some sort of financial penalty, sometimes even if you have trip insurance.

The good news is that United and American airlines last week eased restrictions on changes to tickets for Zika-affected destinations. 

Cruise lines also are easing restrictions.

But travel insurance remains a bit murkier, and you may not necessarily get a refund.

Whoa. I thought trip insurance was supposed to cover things like this.

“A travel health alert is not considered a covered reason for the trip cancellation benefit, nor is ‘fear’ of traveling due to contracting the virus,” Rachael Taft, content manager for, an insurance comparison site, said in an email. “Travelers who want to cancel a trip to one of the affected areas out of fear of contracting the virus would not be covered on standard travel insurance policies. Only the cancel-for-any-reason upgrade would allow travelers to cancel for this reason.”

If airlines and cruise ships can accommodate changes, why not travel insurance?

“Unlike airlines and cruise lines, travel insurance providers are unable to ‘ease’ the terms and conditions of their policies,” Taft said. “This is because they are legal contracts, and it is illegal to pay a claim for a loss that is not stated as ‘covered’ within the policy.

“Most travel insurance policies do not consider CDC travel alerts as a covered reason to cancel a trip. However, some providers may offer a full or partial refund of the premium if the insured cancels their policy.

“As outbreaks like the Zika virus bring attention to the impact health alerts can have on travel, it is possible the travel insurance industry may adapt to include CDC travel alerts as a covered reason for cancellation on future policies. Until then, cancel for any reason remains the only option for travelers looking for coverage to cancel their trip out of fear of contracting the virus.”

For comparison, I asked Taft whether insurers covered travelers concerned about the Ebola outbreak in Africa. “Ebola, fear of contracting the virus or traveling to an affected destination, was not considered a covered reason to cancel, unless the traveler had [a] cancel-for-any-reason [policy],” she said.

Also remember that cancel-for-any reason insurance is more expensive than standard policies and that you won’t recoup the entire cost of your trip as you might with a regular policy.

Cosgrove and I discussed whether we would roll the dice if we had already paid for a trip and didn’t have coverage that would mitigate the financial penalty. Both of us are seasoned travelers and understand that life on the road can be terribly random.

But she would err on the side of caution even if it meant losing vacation funds. “This is an incredibly precious thing you’re talking about,” she said.

I vote with Cosgrove. Maybe that makes me a chicken, but it’s the kind of cowardice that pays off for years to come.

Have a travel dilemma? Write to We regret we cannot answer every inquiry.

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Travel Like Trump — Go Inside His Private Jet

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Donald Trump’s plane pulls in to meet supporters in Dubuque, Iowa. (Photo: AP)

Say what you will about Donald Trump, but the man knows how to travel in style.

On Saturday, supporters in Iowa were treated to a show when the billionaire’s plane, Trump Force One, did a fly-by before landing at the Dubuque Regional Airport.

As the Boeing 757 swept low over the crowd, excited fans could be heard “ooing” and “awing” at the spectacle. The theme song from the movie Air Force One played on the loudspeaker. It was pure theatre. It was Donald Trump. 

According to the New York Times, at the beginning of his speech, Trump announced that he would let small children run through the plane while he spoke. However, adults were kept at bay because according to Trump, “parents will damage it.”

So for the rest of us who will never get to run through the aisles of Trump Force One, here’s a look inside the over-the-top plane. 

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The first thing you’ll notice is the ornate decor inside of the private plane. After Trump purchased the aircraft, he had the seat belts and pretty much everything else plated in 24-karat gold. 

The plane has 43 seats, a far cry from the typical Boeing 757 which seats 180 to 200 people.

With all of the extra room, the plane is divided into several common areas including a dining room, VIP seats, and a main lounge that comes with a 57-inch TV and state of the art sound system. If you don’t want to watch TV with everyone else, each individual seat also comes with its own personal entertainment system. 

Trumps bedroom has a queen sized bed, gold silk on the walls, and pillows adorned with the Trump family crest. The master bath has a shower, and a 24- karat gold plated sink…of course.

According to a survey conducted by Yahoo Travel, Donald Trump is the candidate people least want to sit next to on a plane. 

Something tells us that won’t be an issue. There’s no way Trump is ever flying commercial with digs like this. 

Let Yahoo Travel inspire you every day. Hang out with us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest. Check out our original adventure travel series “A Broad Abroad.”

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Minnesota travel agents seeing some cancellations because of Zika virus

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Some Minnesotans seeking warmer weather have reconsidered their winter getaway destinations because of concerns about the Zika virus.

On Friday, travel agents reported some rescheduled trips, and all said they warned customers heading to affected areas. “It’s something that everyone needs to be aware of,” said Lenore Miller, owner of Minnetonka Travel and Cruises.

Miller said she hasn’t had any pregnant clients lately, but if she did, “I would advise them not to travel [to affected destinations]. We want to make sure they’re informed.”

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is warning women who are pregnant or thinking about becoming pregnant to reconsider trips to Central America and much of the northern half of South America.

In adults, the virus can cause mild fever, rash and joint pain lasting several days to weeks. But when a pregnant woman gets the virus, it can cause severe, crippling birth defects, notably microcephaly, a smaller-than-normal head and brain, which causes a constellation of problems, including seizures, developmental delays and intellectual problems.

Travel Leaders in Albertville specializes in booking destination ­weddings, which tend to involve younger people, said owner Bonnie Lee. She’s recently canceled trips for about six travelers, including couples, because one partner was in the early stages of pregnancy, she said.

Some cancellations came just a couple of days before the trips were to begin, but Lee said she was able to get vouchers for the travelers. Most of those who cancel aren’t immediately booking new trips, but she said one couple changed their destination from the Dominican Republic to ­Nassau in the Bahamas.

In a couple of cases, Lee said with a laugh, she was hearing about pregnancies before the couples had informed their families.

At Travel Beyond in Wayzata, owner Craig Beal said he had one traveler cancel a trip to Costa Rica on Friday. Most of the tours his company operates are to India, Africa, Australia and Patagonia.

Tours going to Patagonia travel through Quito, Ecuador, but the high elevation there means mosquitoes aren’t a concern. “Usually Africa’s got Ebola and terrorism,” he said, listing recent travel alerts. “We get a break this time.”


Twitter: @rochelleolson

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Travel report

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Adena site has free event

Adena Mansion and Gardens in Chillicothe will be open for a free event on March 5 to celebrate
Ohio Statehood Day.

Visitors will step back in time to 1802 to witness a historic debate between territorial Gov.
Arthur St. Clair and U.S. Rep. Thomas Worthington on the different paths to statehood.

Visitors also can experience special themed tours of Adena Mansion, the home of Worthington, who
would become Ohio’s sixth governor.

For more information, call 1-800-319-7248 or visit

Air Force exhibit to open

The National Museum of the US Air Force in Dayton has announced that its new fourth exhibit
building will open to the public on June 8. The building, which cost $40.8 million to build, will
house four aviation galleries: Presidential; Research and Development; Space; and Global Reach.

Aircraft are being moved into the building, among them a colossal Titan IVB space-launch
vehicle. The building also will house the only remaining XB-70 Valkyrie aircraft.

For more information, call 937-255-3286 or visit

Winter fine for seeing eagles

The Nebraska Game and Parks Commission suggests viewing the state’s bald eagles as a cure for
cabin fever.

Wildlife officials said eagles can be seen year-round across the state, but winter and early
spring are the best times to see them in large numbers.

Concentrations often are found feeding on fish and sick or wounded waterfowl at reservoirs.
Favored sites include Sutherland Reservoir near Sutherland, Harlan County Reservoir near Alma and
below Gavins Point Dam near Yankton, South Dakota.

Lake Ogallala and Lake McConaughy near Ogallala also are top viewing sites, and the Central
Nebraska Public Power and Irrigation District has a viewing building near the dam spillway.

Bourbon trail hot

Bourbon tourism attracted a record number of people to Kentucky’s distilleries last year.

The Kentucky Distillers’ Association said almost 900,000 guests visited the Kentucky Bourbon
Trail and Kentucky Bourbon Trail Craft Tour in 2015.

— From staff and wire reports

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